I’ve gotten back into 3D rendering recently, and have started offering free NPC portraits on my Facebook Page. I’m sharing a few examples below- so if you like what you see, check out my support page: http://bit.ly/2gq4a2S. Why donations? As time goes on, I will run out of fresh and new resources for making portraits. […]

Moving forward, I will continue to share homebrew content and houserules for various systems. 13th Age and 5th Edition will likely dominate the posts, but anything I get my hands on is fair game. I will not be sharing pictures of finished gaming crafts or painted miniatures unless relevant to another post in some way- […]

We had our second-to-last session this past Sunday, unfortunately cut short due to GM migraine. We’ll be meeting for our last session next Monday, so I’ve decided to combine this past Sunday’s session with that one, as they’re both a little shorter than usual. So next (and last) Eye in the Sky post will be […]

 Just an fyi, There will likely be one or two more sessions of this side-game, as one of our players is involved in out local Medieval Faire every year. As the game was meant as filler anyways, I don’t know that there will any sort of climactic ending. I search the spellcasters and other seemingly […]

Below is a story revolving around an NPC, written by one of my fellow players. If you’ve been following the Eye in the Sky session reports, he is Xal Darimo’s player. Enjoy!

There will be no game summary this weekend or next due to summer business. Sorry! Because of that, I’m willing to answer any questions you have about the characters, world, houserules, et cetera. Let me know!

We started this session with something my hubby calls a prologue. I believe he got the idea for the 4e DMG II, I’ll have to verify. (Edit: Page  23 of the 4e DMG2! They’re actually called Third-Person Teasers. See my reply in the comments for more info).  A prologue is when you have the players at […]