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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! I know I’ve been absent for awhile, but I find myself not having as much time to devote to session write-ups and other useful things for this blog.

I have no plans to close the blog, however, and will be spending the next few days Continue reading “News and things”

Eye In the Sky Update 2

We had our second-to-last session this past Sunday, unfortunately cut short due to GM migraine. We’ll be meeting for our last session next Monday, so I’ve decided to combine this past Sunday’s session with that one, as they’re both a little shorter than usual. So next (and last) Eye in the Sky post will be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week out as soon as I can manage.

Eye in the Sky: Session 3

I search the spellcasters and other seemingly important undead. I find two champion tier healing potions, 18 copper scattered around, and a greatsword.

We decide to head straight for the settlement, as more undead are heading our way. As we near the gate, a throng of guards pour out and cover out entry, then fall in behind us as the gates close.

Behind the gates there is seating and wash basins, but we can see the murder holes above us. The roughly textured floor slopes towards the center, where there appears to be a drain. There is a second gate, larger than the one we just passed through, lays across the room. It is just us and the garrison. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky: Session 3”

Eye in the Sky: Session 2

We started this session with something my hubby calls a prologue. I believe he got the idea for the 4e DMG II, I’ll have to verify. (Edit: Page  23 of the 4e DMG2! They’re actually called Third-Person Teasers. See my reply in the comments for more info).  A prologue is when you have the players at the table do a short improv session as other NPCs that they do not know. You give them roles (or let them pick from a selection) and a scenario. The choices they make during the prologue affect the game later on- usually during the same session, but not always. This summary is short as we got started late, then got involved in a combat.

Prologue., 3 days after breach

You’re in Castra Ciaum. We have the Captain of the Guard, Priestess of Kord, and the Merchants Guild Leader discussing what to do about recent events. They to have seen the strange moon in the sky. They have been fortunate that angels of Kord have run off any servants of rival Gods- so far. Most recently, the dead have begun to stir in the cemetery outside their walls, and thus far they haven’t figured out the cause. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky: Session 2”

Eye in the Sky, Session 1

First full session! Check the Eye in the Sky tag for most posts. This session opened with a battle against two giants and a small horde of elemental creatures. POV notes take place after the battle.

This battle was challenging, but I was able to learn much about my comrades skills. Xal is skilled with both blade and magic items. The simple, seemingly mundane items add to her repertoire as if she were a spellcaster. She can also create a second of herself, which aided her throughout the battle. Jitters fared the best in terms of wounds, hanging back and firing arrows at our foes. She also used her armor to help shield us, the butterflies landing on us when they aided us. That was… interesting. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky, Session 1”

Eye in the Sky, Session 0

First session summary. Post any questions you have and I will do a post later this week answering them. The Game summaries will be presented in a mix of POV from my character Arumvena Maga’s perspective, DM Descriptions, and possible OOC notes. Enjoy!

A small caravan forms steadily over the weeks. Rizzi, a halfling merchant, sets out on what he believes to be his last trip. Over time, his modest merchant caravan is joined by two Vistani wagons bound for Marsden, and a small group of orcs on their first pilgrimage to the south. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky, Session 0”

Eye in the Sky, The Characters

The first part in my game summary, introduction of the characters. Expect a summary of the game itself in the next couple days. I’m planning on the summaries to be roughly 1 to 1 1/2 weeks behind the game they detail, to give me time to get everything done.

The Characters

The group is currently comprised of four members (including the DM). We were originally going to have another player, but his work schedule kept him from joining us for this session. I’ll introduce his character when he’s able to jump in. The bios below are provided by their respective players, so writing styles and info shared may vary. Continue reading “Eye in the Sky, The Characters”

You got your 5E in my 13th Age

Last night my group fought the Master of the Temple, a re-flavored and modified version of the Master of The Circle from Sasquatch Games 13th Age Primeval Thule. I wanted to do something unexpected with the battle, so I mixed in some Angry GM and 5E.

To understand what I did, you should read both of the Angry GMs blog posts on Paragon Monsters.

Also, if you’re not familiar with Legendary Actions from D&D5e, brushing up on those can’t hurt, either. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit)

Continue reading “You got your 5E in my 13th Age”

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